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Consumer Testimonials

Normandy provided acquisition and construction financing for our comprehensive renovation of our brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  A specialty loan not available from other Lenders and one that required underwriting creativity and expertise.  From our first conversation to closing out the loan, working with our loan officer, Rod Buchbinder, and his colleagues was always a pleasure.  Their work was conducted with the highest standards of integrity, responsiveness, and professionalism.  I recommend them enthusiastically. Renovation, New York 2017

Normandy was excellent to work with on our construcion loan. Great customer service. The staff was always available to answer questions. The approval process was smooth and painless. The drw process was easy and fast. I have and would highly recommend Normandy to a friend. - 2018 FL

..... Ease of the draw process -2017 NY

....Quick and easy approach. Easy to deal with. - 2017 MI

..... Recommended to a friend -2017 CA

..... Excellent experience -2017 FL

..... Amazing to work with. -2015 CA

..... Extremely knowledgeable, courteous and easy to work with. A good team! -2015 FL

..... Incredibly helpful beyond expectations. -2015 WA

..... Came through...I liked the people. -2014 NY

..... Quick and easy approach. Easy to deal with. Looks beyond the credit score. -2017 MI

.....Loved how accessible they are. Process was easy and painless unlike the "big box" banks - Construction Loan, New York

..... Communication is excellent. -2014 CA

..... Was awesome....professionalism is A+ -2014

..... Access to partial draws -2014 VA

..... Was patient and helpful. Provided good service. -2016 NY

..... I was delighted with the experience, total integrity and professionalism throughout -2016 NY

..... Prompt draw process. -2016 NY

..... Helped me when no other bank would. -2016 CA

..... Most reasonable/helpful people in the construction process. -2016 OR

.....Everything was excellent. -2016 WA

Business Testimonials

I have been using Normandy for more than 4 years for new construction loans. I got a lot of references about them from other developers. I used to work with other Lenders, but no one is as fast to respond, organized and with low rates. They are one of the single Lenders that charges interest only the amount of the draws released. My business really grew thanks to Normandy. Builder Spec, 2017 Georgia

The number of lending companies in the real estate market is large, but the number of professional companies are very few. Normandy is the fastest, most professional company with the most convenient interest terms in the real estate market. The staff are highly professional and respond as quickly as possible. Thanks Normandy. Builder Spec, 2017 Georgia

As a new residential builder I had a difficult time obtaining funding.  Many of the banks seemed inflexible and had very limited loan products that were a good fit for a small to mid-sized builder.  Then I was referred to Normandy Corporation. During my first residential construction project with Normandy, the Normandy team went above and beyond throughout the entire process.  Now I’m a repeat customer and hope to continue doing business with Normandy. Spec Loan, Texas ‘17

As a residential developer in Southern California I used Normandy in several construction loans in the last few years and found Normandy to be very efficient in processing a loan. They understand the challenges of doing a high end housing development in this market.  They are usually very fast and fair on responding to all of our needs during the construction process.  Normandy has definitely been a major partner on the success of our projects and company in general. Spec Loan, California 2017